(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Characterized by symbolism and imagery
1. figurativeness, figure of speech, figurative language, device; metaphor, conceit, euphuism; dead metaphor, mixed metaphor; way of speaking, colloquialism, turn of phrase.
a. (simile) figure, trope; symbolism; analogy; image, imagery.
b. (substitution) metonymy, metalepsis, enallage, antonomasia, catachresis; synecdoche, euphemism, dysphemism.
c. (roundabout wording) ambages.
d. (use of opposites) antiphrasis, antithesis, oxymoron; syllepsis, zeugma, apophasis; irony, sarcasm.
e. (allegory) type, anagoge, simile, personification, prosopopoeia, allegory, apologue, parable, fable; allusion, meiosis, adumbration.
f. (grammatical separation) hendiadys.
g. (understatement) litotes, preterition, paralepsis.
h. (exaggeration) amplification, emphasis, hyperbole, bombast, exclamation, exaggeration.
i. periphrasis, parenthesis, polysyndeton.
j. (form of address) apostrophe.
k. (omission) anacoluthon.
l. (change of word order) inversion, hypallage, hyperbaton, hysteronproteron, aposiopesis, chiasmus, circumlocution, anastrophe; spoonerism, malapropism.
m. (anticipation) prolepsis.
n. (repetition) agnomination, anadiplosis, anaphora, autonomasia, aporia, climax, conversion, ecphonesis, epanaphora, epanodos, epanorthosis, epidiplosis, epiphora, eroteme, gemination, hypozeugma, hypozeuxis, kenning, para-diastole, paregmenon, pleonasm, redundancy, ploce, polyptoton, regression, symploce, repetition.
Verbs — speak figuratively, employ figures of speech, metaphor, etc.; verbalize; personify, allegorize, symbolize, adumbrate; apply, allude to.
Adjectives — figurative, metaphorical, flowery, florid, ornate, catachrestic, typical, parabolic, symbolic, allegorical, allusive, anagogical; ironical; colloquial.
Adverbs — figuratively, metaphorically; so to speak, so to say, in a sense, as it were; in a manner of speaking.
Antonyms, see meaning.
(Roget's IV) modif.
Syn. metaphorical, allegorical, not literal, symbolic; see illustrative , metaphoric .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) (VOCABULARY WORD) a.
[FIG yur uh tiv]
based on figures of speech, symbols, etc.; not literal; metaphorical. *
The show blew my mind
* is a figurative statement; my brain is actually still intact.
SYN.: metaphorical, symbolic, not literal, illustrative, allegorical, representative, emblematic, pictorial.
ANT.: literal, exact

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